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finger on #WordyWednesday #image #dance

This is Jenny Thomas who choreographs the Charleston at the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. She and Strictly star Robin Windsor gave MPs a short lindy hop dance lesson in Parliament last week. It… Continue reading

Deja Vu represented as a #dance #image on #wordymonday

I produced this image in response to the news about a 23 year old British student who has been forced to drop out of university because of chronic déjà vu. This does not… Continue reading

Ostracism as a #dance #image on #wordymonday (or whatever happened to Swedish Democracy)

I chose ‘ostracism’ to represent through dance photographs today because of its close relationship to the word ‘segregation’. Segregation seems to me to be an appropriate starting point as today is Martin Luther… Continue reading

Normative as dance images on #WordyMonday #photography

I’ve decided to continue WordyMonday with a few small changes. I still plan to interpret a word with a dance image and would still love suggestions but I’m going to write about how… Continue reading

Entwined, a #WordyMonday #image

ctually my work and play are far less entwined at the moment than normal. That’s because there’s no time to play. I’m travelling soon and have the Joy of Dance book to finish… Continue reading

Image representing ‘Something Nice’ on wordymonday

A long time ago, when I asked for suggestions of words that I could represent in the form of dance images, Nga joined in the conversatin to suggest ‘something nice’. It must have… Continue reading

Image representing ‘violated’ on #WordyMonday

Many months ago +TWije suggested ‘violated’ when I asked for people to suggest words I could interpret with dance images. This shot, which I took quite a while ago, seemed a perfect choice.… Continue reading

dance image representing support on #wordymonday

I covered the One Youth Dance Pyjama Danceathon at Platform on Saturday. As always the young dancers were enthusiastic, skilled and inspiring in the way they dance, work together and support each other.… Continue reading

Dance image representing ‘meticulous’ on #WordyMonday

I chose the word ‘meticulous’ for this week’s #wordymonday word for a very particular reason, although if you weren’t there you’ll need the following explanation. I was recently lucky enough to be asked… Continue reading

dance image representing enervated on #wordymonday

Today’s #WordyMonday word is enervated, meaning ‘without vigour, force or strength’ or ‘languid’. I chose the image because of how I felt as I followed her up. It was right at the beginning… Continue reading