Travel & Lifestyle Cuttings

While these are all by Carole Edrich, if you’re interested in what we’ve collectively had published on a specific theme or performance please contact us.

Palma Chameleon 1, 2, 3, 4 (specialist foodie travel anecdote). Vegan Living 2017. pdf.

Historic Halkidiki (anecdotal review). On Foot Traveller 2016. link to online mag.

Dreamtime and Dancing, Photo Feature (photo feature, anecdote). Wexas Traveller, 2016. pdf.

Seven Black Swans (roundup). Risk Grist, 2016. doc file.

Dancing In The Outback, Lord Of The Dance (real life-travel hybrid). Chat It’s Fate, 2015. pdf.

I Survived The Boxing Day Tsunami (anecdote). Healthy, 2015. pdf.

Canadian Currents (photo feature, anecdote). Wexas Traveller, 2015. pdf.

Got Cancer? Loop The Loop And Find A New Man! (real life anecdote). Telegraph 2013. link to telegraph site.

Zip-a-dee-do-dah (short photo-anecdote). Active Traveller, 2013. pdf.

The Wheel Andalusia (anecdote). Adventure Cyclist, 2013. pdf.

The Charms Of An Empty Sharm (anecdote). Telegraph 2011. link to Telegraph site.



Travelling The Flamenco Triangle (travelogue) Lightfoot Travel, 2016


Pilates in Goa (review), 2015


Digital Detox – No Smartphone for 100 days (anecdote), 2015


Best Weight Loss Spas And Bootcamps (roundup/review), 2015


Yoga in Marrakesh (review), 2015


Best Cycle Routes for Country, Culture and Cafés (roundup/review), 2015


Medical spa in Austria (review), 2015


Best Argentine Spas (roundup), 2013


Best Boutique Hotels In Argentina (roundup), 2013


Red Tango, Buenos Aires (anecdote), 2013 (health and fitness travel blog), 2011




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